Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Win Tickets to BMFI's Oscar Party!

By Devin Wachs, Public Relations Manager
The Oscar nominations have been announced! One of these films will become a "Best Picture" winner. They could make you a winner, too! Make a case for which Best Picture nominee you think should win in 140 characters or less. You could win two tickets to BMFI's fourth annual Oscar Party!

Cheer as your favorite front-runners win their statuettes (and you win your bragging rights) as the Academy Awards play on our big screen. Enjoy a delicious dinner as you chat with your fellow film fans. And treat yourself to something fun from our silent auction when you're proven right about a dark horse. Because on Hollywood's biggest night, you deserve to feel like a star, too.

Submit your entry as a comment on this post. Our staff will pick a winner based on the entries' persuasiveness and panache. (Who knows? Maybe the Academy will agree with you, too.)

I look forward to reading your entries and seeing you at the Oscar Party!

Please note: When posting your comment, you will be asked to select a log-in from a list. If you do not have a Google account, etc., please select either 1) "Name/URL", which requires that you have a valid website address of your own, or 2) "Anonymous". If you select the latter, please be sure to sign your name in the post. Thanks!


  1. Best film-The Help. Depicts how a generation of people struggled with their beliefs--some wallowed in prejudice and fear while others took a leap of faith toward the future.

  2. Pure Bliss! Midnight in Paris (Woody) transports you into the Golden Age & Belle Époque - literature, art, & design ... & cocktails w/Hemingway, Fitzgerald & Stein!

    Michele Baymor you on the Red Carpet!)

  3. I would like to thank the academy for this opportunity to watch the Oscars with fellow movie fans!

  4. The Artist, for evoking 100 years of cinema in every frame.

  5. In deference to the "sure to win" best picture nominee "The Artist," here is why I should win the tickets to the Oscar Party......" !!"


  6. The Tree of Life needed Help; War Horse was Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close; Hugo made a Moneyball; I loved every Artist in Midnight in Paris; but The Descendants was transcendent.

  7. The Help showed us that strength and courage will conquer fear and prejudice. Tears fell as I watched, seeing people treat others so poorly.

  8. HUGO is beguiling as a paean to early cinema, as a personal statement from our our greatest living director, and as a timeless (excuse the pun) work of art.

  9. Hugo delighted my senses
    With effects viewed through two 3D lenses
    Mixing old with the new
    It beguiled as it flew
    Through a series of stunning sequences!

    Kristin Kimmell

  10. My winning movie is like your Oscar party... both have French Champaign, beautiful women, and a magical night!


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