Thursday, January 12, 2012

Announcing "The Late Show" Spring Programming Contest

By Devin Wachs, Public Relations Manager, BMFI

BMFI's first The Late Show series kicks off with the fan favorite The Room on January 20. In case you haven't heard, this new series features unusual and cult films on the big screen on select Friday nights at 11:30 pm. But just as the series is beginning, it's time to finalize the films for its spring edition! (Yes, we book our special programming several months in advance.) Here's where you come in.

We're hosting our second programming contest! What film would you like to see added to the spring Late Show schedule? Tell us what you think we should show and why. If we choose your suggestion, you'll win cool prizes including four tickets to the screening for you and your friends! Interested? See below for details about how to enter and what you will get if you win.

In addition to The Room, the first Late Show series features Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis on February 3, the Japanese horror flick House on February 17, the bizarre family drama/satire Dogtooth on March 16, and the Monkees' Head on March 30. The latter was suggested by Ann Capozzolo, who won our winter programming contest! See her winning entry here.

How it Works:
In the comments section below, write the title of the film that you’d like us to show, and a few sentences about why you think we should feature it. (Hint: Try to make it something that isn’t shown in theaters very often.) Make sure to leave your name!* Entries are due by Wednesday, January 25 at 6:00 pm. We’ll announce the winner right here on our blog.

We’ll choose the film suggestion and write-up that we like best from your entries, and (pending film availability) we'll include it in the series!

If you've already emailed your programming ideas directly to, as we listed in Projections, then we'll consider your suggestions as contest entries and you'll be eligible to win the prize, should we select your idea.

What You Win:
If you’re selected, you’ll win four tickets for you and your friends to go see the movie you chose on the big screen, plus four popcorn and drink passes. A version of your write-up will appear in Projections, our programming guide, and on our blog (with credit, of course). You can also introduce the film the night of the event as well—but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

I look forward to reading your entries!

*Please Note: When posting your comment, you will be asked to select a log-in from a list. If you do not have a Google account, etc., please select either 1) "Name/URL", which requires that you have a valid website address of your own, or 2) "Anonymous". If you select the latter, please be sure to sign your name in the post.


  1. Rushmore! Fantastic film that reminds everyone of that first high school crush.

  2. The Time Machine 1960. Everyones favorite! Won an Oscar for special effects. Good acting great film score and George Pal What more can one ask!
    Frank Goldberg

  3. Blood and Lace (1971). Leonard Maltin, in his Movie & Video Guide, gives it a "BOMB" and advises, "Don't bother." Psychotronic author Michael J. Weldon describes it as "one of the sickest PG-rated films ever made." However, the authors of the Overlook Encyclopedia of Horror Films rave that its "attack on the hypocrisy of small-town America is absolutely unrelenting." I stand firmly in the Overlook camp. This forgotten drive-in flick (and staple of the late, great Channel 48's Creature Double Feature) stars the legendary Gloria Grahame ("awesome in her matter-of-fact portrayal of human depravity," according to the Overlook Encyclopedia) as the corrupt headmistress of an orphanage, features such familiar faces as Vic Tayback, Milton Selzer, and Len Lesser, and a script involving all sorts of unsavory topics (arson, hammer murders, attempted rape, incest, torture, and blackmail). This is a cult film just waiting to happen, and BMFI could be the place to launch it.

  4. Happiness by Todd Solondz... Nuff said.