Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Have a Winner for "The Late Show" Film Series Programming Contest!

By Devin Wachs, Public Relations Manager

Thank you for everyone's amazing suggestions for our newest film series, "The Late Show," which will feature an eclectic mix of cult films showing on Friday nights at 10:30 pm. We had 23 responses! You can read them all in the comments here.

You made it very difficult to choose a winner, but we had to pick just one, so... drum roll please... 

Congratulations, Ann Capozzolo! Of all the films that were suggested, we've chosen to show Head, the Monkees' trippy 1968 flick, on Friday, March 30. Here is Ann's winning entry, which will also be reprinted in the next issue of Projections, our quarterly programming guide:

Please consider the [1968] movie Head starring the Monkees. This plotless film did what the creators wanted: showed the ‘zany, goofy’ Monkees in a different light. Written and produced by Bob Rafelson and a pre-Easy Rider Jack Nicholson, Head captures psychedelia in a raw and avant-garde way. Sprinkled amongst the psychedelic chaos are some great musical numbers and unusual cameos (Annette Funicello, anyone?) to spot.

Ann, you'll receive four tickets for you and your friends to see Head on the big screen. You will all receive the VIP treatment that night, with complimentary popcorns and drinks. You can also introduce the film as well if you'd like—but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. And, of course, your winning entry will be credited in Projections and on our blog!

If you're wondering, a winner was chosen based on 1) how the suggested film fit with the rest of the series and its purpose, 2) how well-written and convincing the entry was, and 3) film availability (a necessary reality).

Even if you didn't win this time, don't fret. There will be other contests!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Chills at BMFI

By Mike Mazzanti, BMFI Intern

It’s the time of year for costumes, pumpkins, and stores filled with aisle-after-aisle of candy. This week Bryn Mawr Film Institute celebrates with two spooky events, one R-rated and one for the whole family.

For those still donning masks, exotic get-ups, and wielding all assortments of weapons, wands, and pillow cases, Bryn Mawr Film Institute has a family-friendly movie just for you! On Saturday, October 29, three evil witches will haunt the screen in Disney’s Hocus Pocus, the spooky story about a brother and sister who accidently awaken an ancient evil. This campy family flick, which stars Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker, concludes BMFI's month of Kids Matinees devoted to kid-friendly scares.

In Disney's Hocus Pocus, Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker (left to right) play the Sanderson sisters, three nasty witches transported to modern-day Salem.

However, if going door-to-door and saying “Trick or treat!” to neighbor after neighbor doesn’t cut it anymore, we still have you covered. Tonight, Tuesday, October 25, BMFI will feature the provocative, atmospheric, and twisted sci-fi horror flick Splice. After two genetic engineers (Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley) attempt to splice the DNA of humans and animals together, things go disturbingly awry. You can ask real-life genetic researcher Dr. Janet Sawicki about the facts behind the fiction when she introduces the film, which is shown as part of Bryn Mawr Hospital's "What's Up, Doc?" series.

Sarah Polley (right) stars as one of the overzealous scientists in Splice whose experiments create the hybrid creature Dren (Delphine ChanĂ©ac), with dangerous consequences for all.

So, whether you’re moonlighting as a superhero or fairy princess with a pillowcase for the night, or are handing out endless pieces of candy to Hannah Montana and Captain America, you’re sure to find a perfectly eerie October at BMFI.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Contest: Choose a Film for BMFI’s New Film Series!

By Devin Wachs, Public Relations Manager, BMFI

Attention, film geeks! Bryn Mawr Film Institute is programming a brand new series of screenings starting in January. Called “The Late Show,” this BYO series will feature an eclectic mix of five cult films showing on Friday nights at 10:30 pm.

“It’s going to be awesome,” says Valerie Temple, BMFI’s Programming Coordinator. “There’s a lot of fun, unusual fare out there that is rarely shown. We want to spotlight it.”

Best yet, you get to decide one of the films that we’re showing! That’s right, we’re taking your suggestions.

How it Works:
In the comments section below, write the title of the film that you’d like us to show, and a few sentences about why you think we should feature it. (Hint: Try to make it something that isn’t shown in theaters very often.) Make sure to leave your name!* Entries are due by Wednesday, October 19 at 6:00 pm. We’ll announce the winner on Thursday, October 20, right here on our blog.

We’ll choose the film suggestion and write-up that we like best from your entries, and (pending film availability) it will be the final film in the series!

What You Win:
If you’re selected, you’ll win four tickets for you and your friends to go see the movie you chose on the big screen, plus four popcorn and drink passes. A version of your write-up will appear in Projections, our programming guide, and on our blog (with credit, of course). You can also introduce the film the night of the event as well—but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

I look forward to reading your entries!

*Please Note: When posting your comment, you will be asked to select a log-in from a list. If you do not have a Google account, etc., please select either 1) "Name/URL", which requires that you have a valid website address of your own, or 2) "Anonymous". If you select the latter, please be sure to sign your name in the post.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

California Lawsuit Brings Theater Clearance Zones to Forefront

By Juliet Goodfriend, President, Bryn Mawr Film Institute

Last week the Los Angeles Times published an article detailing the lawsuit brought against Cinemark, one of the top theater chains, by the owners of the Palme d'Or, an independent theater in Palm Desert, California. The suit, which reporter Richard Verrier calls a "David-versus-Goliath battle in the desert," cites that Cinemark, which operates a nearby theater complex, has been "circuit dealing", using their clout to prevent distributors from allowing the smaller Palme d'Or to certain films. You can read the full article here.

This article brings to the foreground an unfair competitive practice that has troubled BMFI for years: chain theaters drawing unreasonable non-compete zones (so-called "clearance zones") around them and not letting independent theaters show the same film at the same time (showing "day and date"). In our region it is mostly the Clearview Bala and Anthony Wayne that we struggle against; rarely the Narberth.

The good news for BMFI is that distributors have learned that their films will earn much more here than at the local chains, so we are more likely to get the movies we want, when we want them. And we think you'll enjoy them more at our theater.

The legal case in California will no doubt unearth an older case in Philadelphia between the Roxy and the Ritz. The Roxy lost that one. Let's see how the new case comes out--maybe the little guy will win for once.