Friday, January 27, 2012

Take "A Trip Through Strawberry Fields" with Scott Freiman

By Daniel Santelli, Jr., BMFI Programming Intern

Think you know everything about the Fab Four? Think again!

On Tuesday, January 31 at 7:30pm, BMFI will host Scott Freiman’s interactive lecture A Trip Through Strawberry Fields: Deconstructing The Beatles. Mr. Freiman, a composer and Beatles expert, will examine three iconic songs (“Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Penny Lane”, and “A Day in the Life”), revealing hidden messages and layered subtext as he uses archival footage and anecdotes to illuminate the Beatles’ creative process. He has performed the lectures across the country in packed theaters, sharing his valuable insights on the tide-turning band.

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Mr. Freiman was kind enough to answer a few questions in a brief email interview:
What about The Beatles do you see as most important? Why deconstruct their work?
The Beatles are incredibly important in popular music--and in music overall. They helped evolve rock and roll and influenced countless artists. They were instrumental in having rock music be taken seriously by music critics. They influences clothing, video, and popular culture. Their music still resonates with people more than fifty years since they first formed.
How does deconstructing the music and lyrics further our understanding of these classics?
My presentations attract audiences from age 8 to 88.  There's no other musicians or musical group where people with such a wide range of age and experience can enjoy the same music.
What do you hope audiences who attend the lectures take away from them?
I have always found that understanding more about how a piece of art is constructed (what were the circumstances behind its creation, what creative decisions were made as it was created) helps lead to a greater appreciation of the art. The one comment I consistently get after my presentations is that "I will never listen to music the same way again."
What is your favorite Beatles’ tune?
I'm not great with picking favorites, but "Strawberry Fields Forever" is certainly up there for me.  It is fascinating to listen to the song evolve from a simple demo to the sonic masterpiece that landed on vinyl. I plan to share that journey with the audience at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. "A Day In The Life" is another amazing piece of music.  The orchestral climax still gives me chills.  I'll also be talking about that song on Tuesday night.
We hope to see you on Tuesday! You can get tickets online here.

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