Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Wine and Heart Health Talk at SIDEWAYS Screening

By Meredith Slifkin, BMFI Intern

It has been seven years since Alexander Payne’s mid-life-crisis masterpiece, Sideways, opened on the big screen, and I think that’s just long enough to deem it a “modern classic.” In fact, the film seems "ripe" for another "picking," so oenophiles come out to BMFI on April 20 for a special Sideways event!

Enjoy a trifecta of wine-related activities, including a free wine tasting, a lecture on wine and heart health from cardiologist Dr. Henry Mayer, and a screening of the film. The event is co-sponsored by Bryn Mawr Hospital in honor of Heart Month, so this is a great way not only to enjoy some good wine and a great film, but to learn about and support heart health as well. Did I mention free wine?

See Sideways on Wednesday, April 20 at 7:30pm, with free wine tasting at 6:30pm.
Sideways tells the story of Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church), who embark on a bachelor expedition through California wine country before Jack’s wedding. Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh co-star as the women they meet along the way. Based on the novel by Rex Pickett, Sideways was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2004, and earned a Best Adapted Screenplay win for writer/director Alexander Payne.

This event is a great opportunity to see a favorite film on the big screen, and to gain some wisdom on the benefits of wine to a heart healthy lifestyle. If the good doctor tells you to drink wine, then I think it’s best to comply. The screening and introduction from Dr. Mayer begin at 7:30, but remember to arrive at 6:30 for the free wine tasting in the atrium!

I’m looking forward to it, but “I will not drink Merlot!”

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