Thursday, April 28, 2011

BUDRUS screening with Skype interview ushers in the future at BMFI

By Meredith Slifkin, BMFI Intern

Remember the '80s movies that would imagine a future with flying cars and talking robot trash compactors? Think Blade Runner, or Back to the Future Part II, or even Judge Dredd. These predictions of the future invariably include some form of a talking hologram that people use to communicate, instead of a telephone. Personally, I never understood why the future would ever include flying cars, or why the greater population would suddenly see fit to don homogenous brightly colored jumpsuits. However, the hologram telephone thing sort of made sense.

Flying car in Blade Runner (1982)
Well, we may not be able to project holograms of ourselves yet, but Skype is about the closest thing that we have to this high tech vision of the future. Video-chatting has had an enormous impact on personal and business relationships, offering opportunities for contact and connection previously unavailable.

On May 3, BMFI will show a screening of Budrus, the acclaimed documentary about a peace movement taking place in a small Palestinian town. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with producer Ronit Avni…via Skype. Ronit Avni is a filmmaker and social activist, and she will be “skyping” in from Washington, D.C. to answer questions from the audience about the film and about her work to promote peace in the Middle East.

See Budrus on Tuesday, May 3 at 7:30pm, followed by Q&A via Skype with Ronit Avni
Come see this insightful documentary, and take a step into the future with Skype. We’ve yet to install talking robot trash compactors at BMFI, but this event will usher in a new age of possibility for interaction between audience and filmmakers.

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