Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Best Exotic Oscar Party Contest: We Have a Winner!

By Devin Wachs, Public Relations Manager, BMFI

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest to win two tickets to BMFI's The Best Exotic Oscar Party! We enjoyed reading about which Best Picture nominee you thought should walk home with the Academy Award on Sunday, February 24.

Entries were judged on how persuasive and creative they were. We enjoyed all of them, but one proved to be a resounding favorite.

Whether or not Beasts of the Southern Wild wins the gold, film fan Robin Terry is our winner!
It is without a doubt I support Beasts of the Southern Wild for Best Picture of the year. Asking us to probe deeply into our own fears and dreams, in a way redolent of Where the Wild Things Are, this movie challenges our notion of safety, complex interpersonal reactions and joy. In a manner akin to magical surrealism, this movie transcends the ordinary in a way that makes you believe, just a little bit, that our inner monsters are real and our dysfunctional life is normal. The music, acting, directing and general tone of the film trigger all sorts of feelings in the watcher and it is fairly riveting in nature. I saw this movie twice and promoted it by writing the producers and having post cards to hand out to my therapy clients (I am a psychologist). I want to come to your party and jump for joy when they call this picture's "family" to the stage.
I don't know if the film will win Best Picture, Robin, but you and a guest will be able to watch in style at The Best Exotic Oscar Party as our guest. Congratulations! Please call me at 610-527-4008 x105 to claim your prize.

You can read all of the entries in the comments here.

Even if you didn't win this contest, you can still attend The Best Exotic Oscar Party. Tickets are available online here and in person at the Box Office. See you on Oscar night!

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