Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film Preservationist Robert A. Harris: The Winning Question

By Devin Wachs,  Public Relations Manager, BMFI

We at BMFI are looking forward to hosting renowned film preservationist and producer Robert A. Harris for a dinner and multimedia talk on Thursday, December 1. Tickets are available now at the Box Office and online here.

One lucky winner will attending the lecture for free! Last week, we offered two tickets to Mr. Harris's lecture to the person who came up with the best question to ask Mr. Harris (as judged by BMFI staff). I hope you'll all come to the event and ask your questions in person, but we can only have one winner.

And the free tickets go to... Alan Webber! If he could ask one question of Mr. Harris, this is what he'd ask:
Vertigo is certainly one of the most beautiful films ever made and the use of color has meaning in the film. The “green” of Madeleine’s Jaguar is repeated elsewhere in the film and is no “ordinary green”. How does the preservationist assure that this “green” doesn’t become “ordinary” in the preservation process and adheres to Hitchcock’s original color scheme of over 50 years ago?
That is one detailed question! I for one look forward to hearing Mr. Harris's answer in person on December 1. Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions. You can read the other entries in the comments here.

Alan, congratulations, and please contact me to redeem your tickets.

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