Thursday, August 25, 2011

Salesmen and Librarians Delight at THE MUSIC MAN Sing-along

By Devin Wachs, Public Relations Manager

The crowd wowed at last night's sing-along screening of The Music Man with over 200 attendees of all ages, many of whom came in costume! We had Marion the Librarians, travelling salesmen, a Grecian Urn, and even one "Gary, Indiana". Check out some of our favorite costumes below.

Sing-along Success
The crowd was out the door for The Music Man Sing-along.

Greek 'n Gary
Gioia Sharp came as the head of the Ladies' Auxiliary Committee, Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn, played in the film by Hermione Gingold. (Fans might remember that the women practice posing like Grecian urns.) Gioia's brother, Greg DiLoreto, is Gary, Indiana! 

Swarthmore College librarian (and sing-along regular) Danie Martin takes a break from work to dress up as... Marion the Librarian! 
Join the Band
Loann Scarpato toots her own horn... er, trombone.

Study break!
Cara Anne got into the spirit as Marion the Librarian, posing here with pal Emily Trueswell.

Travelling Saleswoman
Watch out, Harold Hill, Jennie Teti might beat you to the sale.  

White Glove Test
Doug and Anne Holsclawe were beautifully accessorized with a parasol, white gloves, hat, and, of course, the complimentary popcorn they received for wearing a costume!   

Thanks for coming everyone! An enthusiastic audience is what makes these events so much fun.

If you already like our sing-alongs or think you might want to attend your first one, we have two favorites back at BMFI this fall: The Wizard of Oz on Tuesday, November 22 and The Sound of Music on Wednesday, December 21! Remember, if you wear a costume to our sing-alongs, you get a free small popcorn.

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