Thursday, September 17, 2009


Over 200 enthusiastic filmgoers enjoyed Violet Mendoza and Jake Willing's locally-produced feature NO BOUNDARIES at BMFI's screening on Tuesday, September 15. The filmmakers introduced the powerful romantic drama and joined cast and crew for a lively Q&A after the film.

Co-Director/DP Jake Willing and Writer/Co-Director Violet Mendoza

Shot in twenty-two locations throughout the Philadelphia area, as well as in the South American countryside, NO BOUNDARIES stars a talented local cast that includes Mark McGraw (Tug McGraw's son) and introduces newcomer Dani Garza. When a shy South American immigrant, Isabel Moreno (Garza), comes to Philadelphia to work and raise money for her family back home, she doesn’t expect to fall in love with an American immigration officer (McGraw). Danger threatens them both, and Isabel is forced to choose between her new love and her new life in America.

Cast and crew reunited at BMFI (from left to right): John D'Alonzo, producer Joyce Koh, Dexter Wuest, Victor Velez, Tatiana St. Phard, directors Violet Mendoza and Jake Willing, Tyrone Holt, Christopher J. Cabott, Esq., Dani Garza, and Garrett Ching.

Writer/co-director Violet Mendoza began to write NO BOUNDARIES in the summer of 2006. After working in television for over a decade, Mendoza spent the next five years managing video and film projects domestically and internationally. She now devotes her attentions to her own production company, Violet Pictures.

Jake Willing, NO BOUNDARIES' co-director and director of photography, is the president of EyeLight Pictures. He has worked behind the camera in both television and film, and has won national acclaim for his lensing of A&E’s Intervention, the Discovery Channel’s The Shadows of War and BET’s number one series premiere, American Gangster.

The husband-wife filmmaking team is looking forward to their next television and film creations, which they promise will always be filmed in the Philadelphia area to take advantage of all of the local talent!

For more information about NO BOUNDARIES, visit or become a fan of the film on Facebook.

If you liked NO BOUNDARIES, stay tuned for other filmmaker appearances at BMFI. On September 23 at 7:30pm, watch Tony Zierra's searing documentary MY BIG BREAK, which captures on film how four actor roommates cope when three become the toasts of Hollywood. Zierra, producer Elizabeth Yoffe, and profiled actor Chad Lindberg (October Sky, The Fast and the Furious) will introduce and discuss BMFI's screening.

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